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n today’s electronic age, we have tools that allow us to be able to search information and present that information in countless ways.  Using copyright material without permission is on the rise.  The ability to take that information and use it in ways that past generations would have blushed is not only possible but unfortunately becoming more common all the time, especially in the high school and college sectors. 

The unauthorized use by high school and collage students is the focus of this webquest.  As teachers we need to continue to stress to our students how important it is not to steal another persons work. Therefore, we are on a quest to learn about copyright laws, so that we as students and teachers know what we can and cannot do. 

Will this stop plagiarism? Sadly no, I’m sure that it will not.  What this exercise will do is allow us to learn about copyright laws and the fair use provision.  It will also set you in a position that if you decide to steal someone else’s intellectual property, you will know the cost or ramifications of your actions.

As easy as it is to ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ someone elses, work into your document, technology is a two way sword.  One of my very good friend is a college professor and she took a summer course that specifically deals with plagiarism.  There are now applications that allow teachers to check for plagiarism. 

Teachers here are a few of those resources for you to use. All you  need to do is copy the information into these and let them go to work:
Students you can use these resources as well, just two make sure your work goes through.

Best Grammar & Plagiarism Checker
Dupli Checker
The plagiarism checker
free plagiarism checker


Think you know enough about copy right?
Let us start by taking a pretest./this is just to give you an idea.


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