Here are some examples that you can think about as you prepare a lesson plan using the qr codes.  This does not mean that you have to use them with every lesson plan, but here you can see they can be used at every stage of our lesson plan preparation.  I know that you can think up a lot more ways to use them, as they say, the sky is the limit.

Publish your weekly lesson plan on your website, and have a qr point to it.
Use qrs for parts of the lesson plan that you students to gather information.

All on the qr 
Directed to lesson plan on site


CCS/SBA Standards
Qr – directed to your standards or have individualized on the qr
Have a poster size paper labled Standards and as you start a section.  Put the qr on the poster.

Have the vocab on the qr, and students are to look up the words and inter into their books/ wherever
Create a scavenger hunt using the codes on a sheet of paper for them to find out information of the words you want to reinforce.

As you can see not only can you have the words but also link them to video.

Daily or weekly assignments, pasted on a calendar in the room.