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Later this school year we are going to be issuing ipads or ipad like tablet to students.  How do we incorporate this new technology to our lessons.  Along with this new tool we need to see what other tools we can find to make this technology work for us.  One of the items I’ve found is QRs.  That is the subject of our lesson today.  QRs and the Internet go hand in hand, without both of these tools we are dead in the water.  So let,s get started.

Task Design: 

Something else is important as you prepare lesion plans with technology.  These are time intensive and you need to think about cross platform uses.  While we are going to get ipads, and apple products, there is a large part of the schools system that you may work at that will not have the apple systems. 
I recommend:

You establish your own domain, where you can develop web pages and upload them onto your site.  There you can keep them:
As you know, if you use school equipment, time, supplies all the lesson plans are the property of the school district.  If you develop them at home, your computer, upload them on to your web site.  As you can see this is my site


Learn about QRs, their history, their capabilities, and how they can be incorporated into the modern lesson plan that we will be expected to explore.

By following the path ahead and stations we will explore the possibilities of this technology and we will have an understanding of the power QRs bring to serve us in education.


Follow the stations listed

QR makers
QR readers

Examples in Education:

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