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I am the computer teacher on an Indian reservation in western New Mexico, specifically Zuni Pueblo.  Earlier this school year, our administrator was able to secure funding for approx 60 tablets and an equal number of laptops.  The sciences will receive the tablets and the laptops will go to the English, History, Social Studies arena.

As with most school districts there seems to be a disconnect in hardware vs. training.  We’ve been fortunate in that our district has provided us with an overall training on the tablets and laptops.  However, the school district has not really provided teachers with the training to use the new technology that we are going to receive shortly.

Without training and necessary technology support the new tablets and laptops will not be nearly as effective as it could be.  For some reason, a district fails to understand that most common problem.

Teachers are too busy fighting the alligators to try and drain the swamp.     
The purpose of this series is:


The purpose of this series is:

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