Communication Class

Studies have shown that our students at all levels are becoming more visual in their learning.  Use broadcasting to your advantage.  This does not mean having access to a studio, although having one certainly doesn’t hurt.
Most laptops, tablets smart phones have video cameras along with editing software.  For Android. Magistro – Magical Video Editor
Laptop – Adobe Communicator – much more professional.
Students- students love to be hams and what better way to get them involved in learning than making them part of your video team.   
Break them into teams, this allows them to work together on a subject area.
Have the teams work separately, then have them work with a member of the other teams.  The key is to have it laid out in a way that there are examples shown once the instructions have been given.
Once they have become comfortable doing their job, then rotate them out of their team into another team, and have students ‘teach’ the new member.

Each day I have a question or more like a review on points that have been covered in the class.  Socrative calls it ‘Exit Ticket’.  Since my students have it bookmarked, all I have to tell them is to login and put our classroom number in and answer the question.  It takes very little to come up with the question and is a good review.
Cross curriculum:
Science- Astronomy Class.  Once video have been completed, given to the astronomy class, instructor can use them as introduction to their work.