As a computer teacher I have always been in awe of English teachers.  Their ability to read mountains of papers and dedicated to actually read and comment on them never ceases to amaze me.  Asking me to diagram a sentence still makes me break out in a cold sweat! 
My point, when students turn work into me for projects that they have worked on I have noticed more and more that a lot of the information turned in is not theirs.  Even I can tell a copy and paste job and if that is the case, it is starting to really get bad. 
There are Grammar and Plagiarism checkers that will help both teachers and students.  There are worksheets students have to download to complete.
I try to create the lessons that will allow students to use their tablets/ smart phones as well links to web pages thereby allowing them the ability to use school/home computers if they do not have the latest gadgets.
I also created business card size cards that can be given to students as a reminder about the rules, do & don’t.  Such cards by Vistaprint are not expensive (I just looked 250 for $10) and really give a professional look to such reminders.

Daily Assignments
All qr code. 
Requires students take ownership of information.

Here is a lesson that I created that English teachers / social studies teachers may want to look at about copyrights and fair use. I don’t think our students understand how important creating their own work is especially in the academic world.  The lesson is called Copyright Webquest.  (I know I’m dating myself, but look at it anyway as we add some technology to get the kids interested in it.

For those of you in the elementary- middle school level, the application called Raz Kids may be something you would like to look at.  There is the ability to create classes (similar to Quia) to include passwords.  What I like about this program is that it allows students to read their books, record their voices reading the books and listen to their voice.  Most students are not satisfied with how they do, so there will be a lot of practice.  According to the material, there are up to 27 different levels of difficulty.

Each day,  have a question or more like a review on points that have been covered in the class.  Socrative calls it ‘Exit Ticket’.  Have the students bookmark it, all you have to tell them is to login and put their classroom number in and answer the question.  It takes very little to come up with the question and is a good review.  You can the results emailed to you.