You are embarking on quite an adventure using technology, however, there is a ‘render unto Caesar, what is his’,  ok, so it doesn’t go quite like that.  The point I am trying to get across is that there are a cost associated with going to technology above simply paying for the tablets.  It is called preventive maintaince.  Unfortunately it appears that schools and school districts have this bad habit of thinking once an item is purchased, it should run, period.  Not the case with technology, a rule of thumb is at least 20% of the technology budget must be put into maintaining the equipment this includes not only the tablets or laptops, but also the internet connection.  Without regular maintaince the your system will not be reliable.  Ever heard the phrase, “there are two kinds of hard drives, those that have failed, and those that will”?  It’s just a matter of when. 

Administrators, already know that you have to fight an uphill battle with some of your staff about using technology in the classroom.  Most of those who resist will say because they know from past experience it ‘doesn’t work’.  You need to show them (not just talk it) that it will be there and working.  The only way to make sure your technology system is reliable is to make sure that the connections will:
It is your obligation to create the staff mindset to give their students time to create and reflect while using technology.  This includes teacher learning as they travel down this road with the students.  Time needs to be established to allow grade teachers to talk with each other on what works and what doesn’t.  This can only happen when the school’s atmosphere supports this trial.

By budgeting monies for the equipment you will reduce your non productive time.  Let me give you a real life example:
My high school has a server room where most of our major equipment for the school is housed.  We developed a small leak in our roof, and noted by our principal.  Three days later, there was 3 inches of water in the room and we watched water from the ceiling splash on top of the equipment…..

Now I was surprised that the equipment survived at all, of course, the company that runs the switches and equipment had to pull it out, check it, replace the section, reinstall and reconfigure the network.  Lost time: ___ days because maintance was not considered a priority.

In the service, we were issued some basic items.  Normally, we called them ‘sets, kits and outfits’.  Your students are no different, there are certain applications (apps for short) they should have on their tablets, laptops, or smart phones.
Student planner of some type – myHomework Student Planner is an example.    
Wikispaces – for students and teachers. 
Edmondo – classroom management 
Dropbox, an easy to use cloud storage service 
YouTube, this is a great resource for education, while most of the videos have nothing to do with education, but some do.
Evernote.   Like it says, this app will allow you to put notes down and keep them with you.  

So let’s get started.
I think I need to tell you right up front, I am a believer in teams / group concept.  You will see it throughout this writing.  Research shows that students learn as much or more from each other as they digest information.  We, as educators need to take advantage of that as technology changes so rapidly we need as much help as we can get.