Titration lab
The ability to give lecture portion at the beginning of the lesson allows the students to start visualizing what will be expected, no surprise to any teacher who has been in the game for a while.  Technology allows the student to reach by taking ownership of their education.  Having them ‘work’ for that education by leaving them with ‘bread crumbs’.  Bread crumbs in this case are the tablets that a group of students will have at their assigned station while performing their experiment. 

After listening to their instructor go through the procedure showing them the steps, now the students can pull up a video watch it, then at their pace perform the lab.  Normally, a teacher would have to go to the group and explain it again at each group the steps to students who were not paying attention.  (Say it ain’t so….)

Now, the instructor can now observe the students as a whole and individually to insure that all of the students are safe and finish at their own pace.

Each day have a question or more like a review on points that have been covered in the class.  Socrative calls it ‘Exit Ticket’.  Have the students bookmark it, all you have to tell them is to login and put their classroom number in and answer the question.  It takes very little to come up with the question and is a good review.  You can the results emailed to you.